The Era of the Digital Reflex

  • 9:30AM - 10:30AM | Capital Factory House
  • Presented by Cisco

Competing on User Experience Matters Today, digital experiences are a part of our everyday lives: they're how we engage with the world and, in many cases, how we engage with brands. So when these experiences fail to deliver due to an outage or performance issue, customers take notice. And this can cause irreparable damage not only to your brand, but to your bottom line. That's why in the Era of the Digital Reflex, brands need to acknowledge that exceptional digital performance and world-class customer experiences are no longer aspirational - they're business- critical. In this session, Linda Tong will discuss the role of performance in user experience and how organizations should evolve their thinking about their digital service offerings. She will be joined by AppDynamics customers who have used experience-first strategies to successfully drive growth and improve customer experiences in their organizations.

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Capital Factory

5th Floor

Date + Time

Sunday March 15

9:30AM - 10:30AM


Linda Tong

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