Lighting Talks: Humanizing the Digital Workplace Experience; The New Teamwork - Webex

  • 5PM - 6PM | Capital Factory
  • Presented by Cisco

Humanizing the Digital Workplace Experience: "Has technology really improved the quality of the work we do, or has it just made us busier? As technology becomes increasingly integrated into every facet of our lives, how do we design tomorrows work and collaboration tools in a way that helps us maintain balance, keep focus and get more deep, creative, high-quality work done together, instead of just managing the technology? The team at Cisco believe in supporting teams to work better together. With agile teamwork growing in importance, there is a demand for more flexible workplaces and technology that adapts to individual and team workflows. Sondre Ager-Wick will share why designing for teamwork is the future, and Cisco’s approach to developing award-winning tools for teams." The New Teamwork: Modern teamwork knows no bounds. Today’s teams are collocated, distributed, and remote—working across different time zones, projects, and cultures. How do we survive a seemingly 24 hour workday without losing our culture, our sanity, or the power of collaboration? Join members of the Webex design leadership for an open discussion on how we streamline teamwork and amplify team culture across continents and time zones. We’ll share techniques for working with peers around the world, on the go, and demo the latest collaboration technology that’s changing the way people work.

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Capital Factory

5th Floor

Date + Time

Saturday March 14

5Pm - 6PM


Sondre Ager-Wick

Travis Isaacs

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