Inside Next Generation Disaster Response

  • 11AM - 12PM | Capital Factory House
  • Presented by DIU

The magnitude and complexity of disasters and crises have changed the humanitarian landscape. There is a critical need to be able to more quickly and effectively respond to disasters. There have also been recent breakthroughs in technology that can help, such as Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Aerial Systems. The Department of Defense (DoD) considers Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) to be a critical mission and is finding new ways to respond to disasters as they strike. The DoD also supports local, state, and federal partners to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of conflict, disasters and other humanitarian crises, as well as to prevent and strengthen preparedness for the occurrence of such situations. You must have a SXSW to attend any SXSW Official Events. As well, make sure you have applied to be a VIP at Capital Factory House.

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Capital Factory

5th Floor

Date + Time

Monday March 16

11AM - 12PM


Alex Goldberg

Thomas Suelzer

Jennifer Roberts

Nirav Patel

Presented by

Defense Innovation Unit