Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Capital Factory?

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one startup state in the U.S. Last year more than 200,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking. With boots on the ground in Austin, Dallas and Houston, we meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2013.

What is Capital Factory House?

Capital Factory House is where you go to meet the entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors at SXSW.

  1. The Texas Startup Manifesto is about connecting together entrepreneurs, talent, and capital across the state in one hyper-connected ecosystem. Come to CF House to meet innovators from Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.
  2. The Center for Defense Innovation is where Government and Defense Industry disruptors at SXSW who control billions of dollars in budget will be meeting and speaking. Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton and Microsoft are running related programming on two floors. There is no where else where you can find the Army Futures Command, Air Force AFWERX, DIU, NGA, National Guard, and many other 3 letter agencies all under one roof.
  3. CF House is the only place that actually makes curated introductions between our guests at scale. At SXSW 2019 we coordinated almost 1,000 one-on-one meetings between our guests in just a few days. Get on our VIP List so we can find out who you need to meet and show you the list of who else will be there.

When is Capital Factory House?

Great question! Capital Factory House is March 13th-19th, starting with the Startup Crawl on Friday March 13th at 4pm.

Where is Capital Factory House

Capital Factory is located right in the center of downtown Austin, just blocks away from the SXSW convention center. Our building is called Austin Centre and it is located at 7th and Brazos Street and also contains the Omni Hotel. Enter the building from any side and then go to the elevator bank near the security desk (not the hotel). Capital Factory is located on the 1st, 5th, 8th and 16th floors.

How do I share the Capital Factory House with my friends?

How can my company get involved in Capital Factory House?

We still have limited space available to participate….

What is the Startup Crawl?

Now in it's 10th year, the Startup Crawl is the biggest party of SXSW and the startups are the star of the show! Come Capital Factory and visit a dozen other stops around downtown to experience the best of the Austin startup scene and pick up a ton of swag along the way!

Startup Crawl is free and open to the public.

To RSVP or learn more about Startup Crawl, please visit

For further questions, please say hello at

How do I find my way around Capital Factory House?

Can't find where you need to go? No problem. Use our wayfinding devices placed throughout Capital Factory to find your way around. You can use the web browser version here.

Can I book your podcast studio or green screen room?

Absolutely! We’re still accepting reservations and considering interviewees for our very own podcast: Austinprenuer. Please reach out to

How can I attend Capital Factory House?

You only need a SXSW badge (priority) or Capital Factory House credential (first come, first serve) to attend.

How do I get on the Capital Factory House VIP List?

Fill out the application form and provide as much detail as possible. If you know anyone at Capital Factory, now is the time to start name dropping!

How do I get a SXSW badge?

Where do I pick up my SXSW badge?

Click here to learn more.

Where is SXSW?

SXSW happens all over downtown Austin. The largest venue is the Austin Convention Center but pretty much every hotel and every bar downtown has official SXSW related programming going on.

Can I attend the Capital Factory panels at the Hilton?

A SXSW Interactive or Platinum Badge is required to attend these sessions. Click here to register.

Should I be concerned with the Coronavirus at SXSW?

Safety is a top priority for Capital Factory House and SXSW. We're working closely with SXSW, local, state, and federal agencies to ensure a safe event.

Regarding the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: As of January 27, the World Health Organization’s recommendation is that travelers practice usual precautions. Accordingly, the SXSW 2020 event is proceeding as planned. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates as necessary.

We encourage you to become familiar with the World Health Organization’s suggested safety precautions, which include:

  • Washing your hands for 20 seconds and using alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue – discard tissue immediately into a closed bin
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

Please see SXSW's Attendee Safety Advice here.

Please all see the City of Austin’s Public Health Reminders