Risky Business: Surviving Supply Chain Chaos

10:15 AM - 11:30 AM | Captain America

The recent disruptions experienced across the defense and commercial industries have exposed significant vulnerabilities in our supply chains. In response, both the government and private sector are taking a fresh look at their supply chain risk management strategies to better understand and address these risks. Panelists will share examples of successful strategies and lessons learned from recent disruptions, highlighting best practices that can be applied across industries. Topics of discussion will include the use of technology, data analytics, supplier diversification, and collaboration between industry and startups.


  • Mr. Christopher Zember, Senior Fellow, Industrial Base Resilience


  • Mr. Dan Sheridan, OSBP Staff Entrepreneur, US Navy
  • Ms. Bindiya Vakil, CEO and Co-founder, Resilinc
  • Mr. Josh Cramer, Director, Supply Chain Solutions, BlueVoyant Government Solutions
  • Dr. Mark Flood, Program Manager, Resilient Supply-and-Demand Networks, DARPA
  • Mr. Arun Sankaran, CEO, BlueVoyant Government Solutions


Capital Factory

8th Floor - Captain America

Date + Time

Sunday, March 12

10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

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