Interactive Event: Space Futures Artifact Foundry

  • 3 PM - 4:30 PM | Antone's

Every day, human ingenuity and creativity is shaping the future of space. The Aerospace Corporation’s invites Capital Factory Space Day attendees to roll up their sleeves and dust off their crystal balls for an informal, interactive competition to develop Future Space Artifacts: ideas for future space innovations that are part science fiction, part distinct possibility. Pre-registered or same-day participants will be walked through a brief foresighting exercise, then randomly teamed together to develop visualizations, abstracts, or concepts that they foresee emerging from the nascent space economy. Artifacts will be judged by a diverse, forward-thinking panel of SXSW speakers, with prizes awarded to winners across multiple categories.


  • Paul Frakes, Strategic Foresight, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Jake Dunagan, Director, Governance Futures Lab, IFTF
  • Ilsa Mroz, Aerospace Industries Association
  • Loren Grush, Bloomberg Space Reporter


Capital Factory

16th Floor - Antone's

Date + Time

Saturday, March 11

3 PM - 4:30 PM

Presented by

Aerospace Corporation