How Startups Are Leveraging Space for the Benefit of Earth

10 AM - 10:50 AM | Captain America

Microgravity is best defined as the condition in which people and objects appear to be weightless. The unique properties that a microgravity environment provides have the potential to completely change the world.

By conducting R&D in Low Earth Orbit, startups are accelerating their technology across a number of sectors including aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, computing, drug discovery, energy, manufacturing, and materials.

Orbital Reef, led by principal partners Blue Origin and Sierra Space, is enabling this startup revolution in space by developing the premier mixed-use space station in Low Earth Orbit for commerce, research, and tourism by the end of this decade.

Join the Orbital Reef team as we speak with a group of founders that are creating innovations in space to benefit Earth. Hear their insights on available resources available, including Reef Starter; initial hurdles to success; and advantages they gained through microgravity.


  • Hyder Alabed, Head of Reef Starter, Blue Origin
  • Jeremiah Pate, CEO, Lunasonde
  • Raphael Roettgen, Co-Founder, Prometheus Life Science
  • Solange Massa, MD Phd, CEO, EcoAtoms
  • Abhishek Sastri, CEO, Fluix


Capital Factory

8th Floor - Captain America

Date + Time

Monday, March 13

10 AM - 10:50 AM

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