Getting Offensive

2:35 PM - 3:35 PM | ACL

As we enter 2023, what is the current state of the threat landscape? What are the latest malicious TTP’s and how can we defend against them? What are the top targeted industries by hackers? Organizations of all sizes are faced with a fast-changing global market, uncertain economic conditions, internal tool complexity and team fatigue from a continued skills shortage. This year’s IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index presents an uncomfortable truth: as businesses, institutions and governments continue to adapt to a fast-changing global market—including hybrid and cloud-based work environments—threat actors remain adept at exploiting such shifts. Hear the latest insights from the newly released X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, including findings from thousands of real-life incident response engagements, top attack types and pathways to compromise observed, and recommendations to strengthen your security posture.


    • Steve Muszak
    • Charles Henderson
    • Reggie Dickerson


    Capital Factory

    16th Floor - ACL

    Date + Time

    Monday, March 13

    2:35 PM - 3:35 PM

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