Expanding Horizons: The Growing Role of Startups in International Security, from Ukraine to the Global Stage

1:45 PM - 3 PM | Captain America

Recent events in Ukraine have underscored the growing role of commercial companies in making strategic impacts on international security, without any government direction or funding. This panel will explore the evolving relationship between industry and security, with a focus on how commercial companies and startups are influencing global security challenges. Drawing on real-world examples and lessons learned, panelists will discuss the implications of industry involvement in security, the potential benefits and risks, and how the Department of Defense (DOD) can best engage with industry to promote global security.


  • Mr. Christopher Zember, Senior Fellow, Industrial Base Resilience


  • Mr. Payam Banazadeh, Founder & CEO, Capella Space
  • Mr. Josh Marcuse, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Google Public Sector
  • Dr. Natasha Bajema, Director, Converging Risks Lab, Council on Strategic Risks
  • Mr. Andrew Caprio, Air Force Pilot in Training


Capital Factory

8th Floor - Captain America

Date + Time

Sunday, March 12

1:45 PM - 3 PM

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