Building a Resilient Domestic Industrial Base

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM | Voltron & Captain America

The panel discussion will provide insights for policymakers, industry leaders, and the public on how to build a strong and resilient domestic industrial base. Panelists in government, manufacturing, economic development, and tech leaders will highlight the importance of collaboration and share details about programs delivering over $1.5 billion in funding focused on scaling and sustaining the U.S. industrial base. Don’t miss this panel if you want to know more about how to access these resources.


  • Ms. Halimah Najieb-Locke, DASD for Industrial Base Resilience


  • Mr. Anthony Di Stasio, Director (Acting), Manufacturing Capability Expansion and Investment Prioritization
  • Ms. Adele Ratcliff, Director, Innovation Capability and Modernization
  • Mr. John Burer, Founder, Austin Center for Manufacturing & Innovation
  • Dr. Ray Dick, Founder, Project MFG


Capital Factory

1st Floor - Voltron

8th Floor - Captain America

Date + Time

Saturday, March 11

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

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