Meet the Most Interesting People in Tech at the Center of Gravity for Entrepreneurs in Texas.

  • Friday March 13, 2020 — Thursday March 19, 2020

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This is Unique

  1. The Texas Startup Manifesto is about connecting entrepreneurs, talent, and capital across the state in one hyper-connected ecosystem. Come to CF House to meet innovators from Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.
  2. The Center for Defense Innovation is where Government and Defense Industry disruptors at SXSW who control billions of dollars in budget will be meeting and speaking. Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton and Microsoft are running related programming on two floors. There is no other place where you can find the Army Futures Command, Air Force AFWERX, DIU, NGA, National Guard, and many other 3 letter agencies all under one roof.
  3. Capital Factory House is the only place that actually makes curated introductions between our guests at scale. At SXSW 2019 we coordinated almost 1,000 one-on-one meetings between our guests in just a few days. Get on our VIP List so we can find out who you need to meet and show you the list of who else will be there.

Who is Capital Factory?


Piera_Gelardi Headshot 1.jpg

Piera Gelardi

  • Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director
  • Refinery29
Meagan Metzger.jpeg

Meagan Metzger

  • CEO
  • DCode
Nishita Henry.jpeg

Nishita Henry

  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Deloitte
Gen John Murray.jpg

General John Murray

  • General
  • United States Army Futures Command

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